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Welcome to the official website of Judo Filipinas (JF)

We are an organization dedicated to the unification and assisted education of Filipino Judoka from around the Philippines. We aim to provide up to date news and information about judo in the Philippines including judo club locations and contact details.

Judo Filipinas (JF) follows guidelines set out by the World Judo Federation (WJF) and the International Freestyle Judo Alliance (IFJA).

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About World Judo Federation (WJF)

The World Judo Federation (WJF) is a non-profit corporation and was founded to provide positive growth and leadership development opportunities for all judo practicing people, but with the basic aim of being the World Federation promoting Judo for All. The WJF is not competing with existing federations’ wish of primarily organising the elite sport for Olympic Games and similar elite sports events. WJF serves to provide the leadership, structure, curriculum, training and certification for technical excellence as well as the leadership, venues, rules, regulations, referees and recognition for competition excellence - furthering the development of Sport for All in the 21st Century.

For more information about the World Judo Federation (WJF), please visit their Official Website.
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About International Freestyle Judo Alliance (IFJA)

Freestyle Judo brings back the "Golden Age" of Judo competition by embracing the fighting styles of wrestling, sambo, and modern jujitsu. Competitors who specialize in standing techniques can throw for ippon. Wrestlers who prefer lower body attacks can shoot for the legs. Grapplers who specialize in submissions have the time and flexibility to fight on the ground. All of these styles are good Judo.

For more information about the International Freestyle Judo Alliance (IFJA), please visit their Official Website.

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